Krupczak Origin

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Origin of the name Krupczak

The Polish surname Krupczak is of two distinct origins. In the first place, the surname Krupczak is of occupational origin, deriving from the trade or profession pursued by the original bearer. In this instance, the surname Krupczak derives from the Polish word "krupa" which means "grain" and the suffix "-ak" which is a standard Polish ending associated with occupational and nickname surnames.

Therefore, the surname Krupczak was applied as a metonymic occupational name to a dealer in grain. Alternatively, the surname is of local origin, deriving from a geographical or man-made feature near which the first bearer lived or held "grain". The initial bearer of the surname Krupczak was someone who was identified by the members of his community as "one who dwells near the pits where grain was stored" or a "grower of grain".

Krupczak may be of nickname origin, deriving from a physical characteristic or personal attribute of the original bearer. Krupczak derives from krupa (grain) and may have been given as a nickname to someone who was very fond of grain. Among the variants of the surname Krupczak we find Krupa, Krupocki, Krupicki, Krupski, Krupka, and Krupinski.

References to the surname Krupczak or to its variants include a record of a noble Polish family named Krupicki. This family belonged to the highest aristocracy of Drohicz. Two descendants of this house, Karl and Andreas Krupicki were recorded in the register of the nobility of Galicia (southern Poland) in 1782. Karl's grandsons, Johann, Peter, and Ludwig Krupicki were listed in the same register in 1833.

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