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Bobby Krupczak


Contact Information

Chief Scientist, LLC
541 Tenth St, NW #169
Atlanta, GA 30318-5713

Phone: 678.945.6433 x41
Fax: 678.945.6433


Bobby Krupczak was born in Mystic, Connecticut but grew up in Miami, Florida. After graduating from the University of Florida, he worked for a three-letter computer company that was purchased by a three-letter long-distance company and then later sold by that three-letter long-distance company. He returned to academia to pursue the Ph.d. in 1991. Along the way, he received a Masters of Science in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1993, founded a software company, bought a house and moved to the suburbs, and started a family. Bobby is married to Cheryl and has three children.


  • PhD degree in Computer Science, 1997, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA
    • Thesis title: Protocol Subsystem Support for Efficient and Flexible Communication Services
    • Advisors: M.H. Ammar and K.L. Kalvert
    • This thesis focused on communication protocol software and its portability between different operating systems and development environments. As part of this work, an AppleTalk protocol implementation was developed and moved between BSD, Streams, x-Kernel, and Java environments. Minor in telecommunications public policy.
  • MS in Computer Science, 1993, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA
    • Focus on networking, operating systems, and distributed computing.
  • BS (with honors) in Computer Science Engineering, 1989, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Research Interests

Bobby's research interests have included communications protocols, protocol subsystems, portability, network management, distributed systems, and operating systems.

Bobby has recently been focusing on peer-to-peer distributed systems and their implications on traditional client-server computing. He is currently developing next-generation systems and application management products fusing peer-to-peer concepts with traditional network management architectures to increase scaling while de-centralizing management of IT resources.

Selected publications by Bobby and others can be found rdk publications

Corporate and Organizational Work

  • Co-founder, The Krupczak Organization, LLC.
    • Current Diversified holding company possessing interests in real estate, financial services, and intellectual property (software). Developing next-generation systems and application management technologies fusing peer-to-peer concepts with traditional network management architectures to increase scaling while de-centralizing management of IT resources.
  • Vice-president, Concord Communications, Inc. Atlanta, GA
    • 10/99 - 01/03 Responsible for strategic direction, architecture, design, development, and productization of system and application management product line across the full software life cycle.
    • Built and ran an engineering group of twelve-plus persons. Responsible for integration of the former Empire into Concord Communications which includes corporate operations, sales, software engineering and processes, personnel, business processes, training, and technical support.
  • Co-founder, Empire Technologies, Inc. Atlanta, GA
    • 12/92 - 10/99 Brought (along with co-founder Cheryl Krupczak) Empire from garage-startup to successful shrink-wrap software company focusing on network, system, and application management selling both direct and via channels (resellers, OEMs).
    • Responsible for the design and development of shrink-wrapped network, systems, and application management software products as well as all facets of corporate operation including sales and marketing, research and development, personnel management, bookkeeping, budgeting, and payroll.
    • Domestic and international clients included RBOCs and telecommunications companies, government and military branches, educational institutions, and large public utilities, financial institutions, and corporations.

    • Sold Empire to Concord Communications in October 1999 in reverse triangular merger. Concord Communications was a 600-plus person, publicly traded (NASDAQ: CCRD), software company with approximately $100m/year in revenue. Concord has since been purchased by Computer Associates (now CA).
  • Research Assistant, GIT College of Computing Atlanta, GA
    • 09/91 - 08/97 Initiated empirical research on protocol subsystems and architectures as well as portable and flexible protocol software for US Army and the NSF. Designed and developed an AppleTalk protocol implementation in several different protocol environments including Java, Streams, and BSD.
  • Programmer/Analyst, NCR Corporation Columbia, SC 06/89 - 07/91
    Worked on variety of networking projects including kernel-level protocol implementation, OSI protocols and OSI network management, SNMP management station and agent development.


  • Instructor, Concord Communications
    • Designed and taught both formal, informal, and ad hoc course work, lectures, and seminars to networking industry professionals in the areas of networking, programming, and network/system/application management. Courses and instructional seminars included:
    • Perl programming; taught basic Perl programming concepts and general programming-language paradigms to Concord field and professional-services personnel
    • Introduction to Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP); taught protocol operations and semantics of the popular Internet-standard network management protocol including Abstract Syntax Notation 1 (ASN.1) and management information base (MIB) design and implementation.
    • Advanced Application-Engineer Training; authored and taught advanced software operations for former-Empire software applications including SystemEDGE and SystemEDGE interaction with eHealth.
    • SystemEDGE Internals; authored and taught seminar series delving into the architecture, design, and development of SystemEDGE, Concord's SNMP agent for system and application management.
  • Instructor, Empire Technologies Atlanta, GA 12/92 - 10/99
    • Teach training courses on SNMP and Empire software products to corporate professionals. Courses and seminars included:
    • Co-authored and taught 2-day course on Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) which included protocol operation, Abstract syntax notation 1 (ASN.1), and MIB-design.
    • Co-authored and taught 3-day course on SystemEDGE installation, configuration, and operations.
    • Taught programming and development seminars to new-hires and other software-developers on topics ranging from Perl, CGI, agent-development, HTML, scripting, and C.
  • Instructor, Georgia Tech Atlanta, GA Summer 1995
    • Taught (lead instructor) senior-level undergraduate class on internetworking architectures and protocols. Responsibilities included lecture, homework, and exam preparation.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, GIT Atlanta, GA 9/92 - 97
    • Serve as teaching assistant for graduate and undergraduate classes. Present lectures. Provide one-on-one and group assistance to students. Actively participate in the development and evaluation of exams and homework assignments.

Software Architecture and Development

  • Where Was I App
    • Designed and implemented the full mobile-app architecture suite of programs implementing a location archival application. It consists of a Java Android app communicating with a Node.js RESTful webserver app accessing a Postgresql database and accessible via client HTML5/Javascript web client built using Bootstrap.
  • Android Development
    • Designed and developed several Android apps in Java and placed in the Google Play Store.
  • Wildcat Roster App
    • Designed and implemented a Web-based lightweight mobile app for use with middle and high school sports teams at the Westminster schools. The app bundles rosters, photos, schedules, and player information in an intuitive, easy to navigate, application and is compatible with desktops, iOS, and Android devices of all shapes and sizes. The app was written in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS using jQuery and jQuery Mobile frameworks.
    • Designing and developing a next-generation system/application management technology. Cartographer includes a self-distributing, self-updating, multi-threaded agent, coded in C, that captures and analyzes inter-system and inter-application relationships (social networking for computers) then shares that information with peer systems. Peers systems are automatically discovered and an overlay network is created to disseminate management information. Cartographer also includes a Java-based management application for visualizing IT relationships and directing self-management. Cartographer utilizes a custom-designed XML-based management protocol utilizing a modified form of the Internet Management Framework SMI.
  • NT software distribution facility
    • Designed software deployment facility (from NT to remote NT systems) for use with SystemEDGE and AIMs. This facility makes use of NT shares, remote registry manipulation, and remote service control.
  • Application insight modules (AIMs)
    • Oversaw the design, architecture, and development of Application Insight Modules for SQLServer, Oracle, Firewall-1, Network Services, IIS, Apache, and Exchange, and Top Processes. These AIMs constituted the bulk of Concord's application-management product offerings.
  • Extensible plugin architecture
    • Designed and developed a shared-library based plugin architecture for SystemEDGE. This plugin architecture and toolkit provides the capability to extend SystemEDGE functionality at runtime, by loading and attaching shared libraries (or Win32 DLLs) containing additional functionality. Designed and developed the API and functional interface between SystemEDGE and plugins.
  • AdvantEDGE View web-based graphical element manager
    • Designed and developed prototype and then oversaw productization as element manager for SystemEDGE. AdvantEDGE View is a set of Perl-based CGI (then Apache mod_perl) programs and modules providing a web-based graphical interface for deploying, configuration, and controlling SystemEDGE and AIMs.
  • SystemEDGE
    • Designed and developed an SNMP agent for systems and application management supporting the Internet standard MIB-2 and Host Resources MIB as well as the Empire private-enterprise MIB. This product serves as the foundation for Concord's system/application management product-line. Ported SystemEDGE to a variety of UNIX and NT systems including Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, NT, Windows/2000, and Windows/XP.
    • Designed and developed a SNMP Trap receiver which can filter, forward (over UDP and TCP), and NAT Trap PDUs as well as perform actions. TrapEXPLODER is used to add fault-tolerance to existing fault management products as well as provide SNMP Trap application-level gateway services.
  • Exchange AIM
    • Designed and developed an Application Insight Module, accompanying MIB, and AdvantEDGE View component for managing Microsoft Exchange versions 5.5 and 2000. Functionality included monitoring message queues, performance statistics, application footprint, and events.
  • Software licensing library and facility
    • Designed and developed a portable C-library uses DES encryption to enforce host-tied, time-duration, software product licensing capabilities. Developed CGI web-based facility for obtainment and distribution of license keys.
  • SNMP-ASN.1/BER library
    • Designed and developed a portable C-library for the building, parsing, and manipulation of SNMP/ASN.1 messages. This library is used in a variety of commercial products from Empire/Concord on Windows and UNIX.
  • MIB Manager
    • Designed and developed an extensible Motif/X11-based graphical interface program which can render and display SNMP MIB trees, perform SNMP queries, and display results.
  • AppleTalk Protocol Stack
    • Designed and developed an AppleTalk protocol stack implementation in Streams, BSD, Java, and the x-Kernel as part of PhD dissertation work. The distribution included implementations of DDP, AARP, ADSP, ATP, AEP, NBP, ZIP, AFP, and ASP.

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A Short note on Bobby

Bobby® does not like to be called 'Robert', 'Bob®', 'Rob', or 'Robby'. He simply prefers Bobby®.

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