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Cartographer Distributions and Source Code

Some of the Cartographer components are available in binary and source code distributions while others are only available in binary format. Source code encompasses Java, C, and XML. Source code that is available is under the GNU GPLv2.

Software components not covered by the GPL are covered by the Krupczak.org, LLC license agreement. Please read this license agreement before downloading and using those components.

By downloading from this page, you are accepting the terms and conditions of the corresponding software license and warranty. Please read the warranty disclaimer before proceeding.

If you download software, please register by emailing a short note to info2@krupczak.org.

What are all the Pieces/Parts?

  • Cartographer GUI -- Graphical user interface application, written in Java, which can query Cartographer agents and display dependency relationships. It communicates with Cartographer agents via the XMP. The Cartographer GUI is not available via open source.
  • XMP Jar -- Java support for XMP is encapsulated in this Jar file. It is available separately, distributed under the GPLv2, for use in the Cartographer GUI, OpenNMS, and various other integration projects.
  • Cartographer Agent -- an agent engine and plugins supporting various MIBs and functionality. The agent engine is written in C and is available under the GPLv2. The agent engine is called xmpd. The agent engine implements a small core MIB.
  • MIB2 Plugin -- a plugin for xmpd that implements MIB-2 RFC 1213 plus minor extensions. The plugin is written in C and is loaded automatically by the agent engine. The MIB-2 plugin is available under the GPLv2. Plugins are written as shared libraries which are loaded at run-time by the agent engine or xmpd.
  • Test Plugin -- a simple, example plugin designed to serve as a template for plugin development. It is written in C and is available under the GPLv2.
  • Cartographer Plugin -- this C plugin is the heart of the Cartographer project and implements the Cartographer MIB and accompanying functionality. This source to this plugin is not open-sourced.

The figures below depict the software architectural relationship between the various components. Green denotes an open-source component, covered by the GPLv2, while blue denotes those that are traditional or closed-source covered by our own license agreement.

XMP Protocol Implementation in Java

Binary Package: Agent Engine Plus Plugins (All Platforms)



Source Code

Package includes source code to the agent engine, MIB2-plugin, and a test/example plugin. Source code for the cartographer plugin is not included.

Cartographer Java GUI



Cartographer Tools for Android

  • Android XmpQuery tool in Google Play Store

Mailing Lists

There are several mailing lists associated with the Cartographer project.

Bug Tracking and Source Code Repository

We are not yet using any formal bug tracking system (e.g. Bugzilla). However, we are evaluating different options assuming we find any bugs. In the interim, please email bugs, nits, and questions to the developers' mailing list.

The Cartographer project source code is stored in a Subversion repository that is not accessible to the public. We will consider moving it to Sourceforge or another open-source project hosting provider if/when the need arises.

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